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Innovation, Research and Development

ilu3 RD

Development of new Products

Products for Industrial Applications:

  • Cleaning and Washing Products with Anticorrosion Additives
  • Anticorrosion Protection as Oils, Dry protecting surface Films, Vapor Volatile Anticorrosion Inhibitors
  • Special or multipurpose Lubricants, Additives for Lubricants Production

Products for Commercial Goods and Applications:

  • Multipurpose Lubricants, Releaser of blocked Srew Joints, Preservation Products, Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Chemical Products for Households and Car Care
  • Products for Personal Care

Products for Surface Treatment based on Nanotechnology:

  • Improvements for Anticorrosion Protection
  • Improvements of Mechanical Surface Resistance, minimizing Adherence of Surface Impurities
  • Hydrophobic Treatment for Glass, Nature Materials, Stones, PLasters, Tiles

Solutions and Products for Monumets Protection and Museums Conservation

Products for health and medical care:

  • Antibacterial Products for various Surface Materials
  • Superabsorbent Products for spills of liquides (incl.bodily fluids)
  • Methods and Procedures for Sanitation Processes and improvement of Hygienic Conditions
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

ilu3 PL

Design and Production of Private Brand Products

We develop our original high added value products that our clients are able to offer under their Market Label into distribution chains.

To be able to find a solution and to satisfy our client needs to extend or fullfill its product portfolio, we use our original chemical formulas and experiences coming from our own reasearch and development. Product solutions are also based on customer specifications as well as design and packaging. We can provide and organize production itself and delivery of our products to final destinantion.

We can offer various packaging types as follow: Aerosols, Non-Preasure Bottles, Cans, Hand/Fingersprayer, wet Wipes, Shakers, Bags and Sachets for Powders.


ilu3 INN

Innovation of Chemical-physicals Processes in Manufacturing Field

To be able to improve the complete production proces and its outputs, we ´re able to identify production issues and propose appropriate changes and solutions for each single production step as follow:

  • Manufacturing of Plastic (Polymer)
  • Manufacturing of Metal (Machining and Welding)
  • Chemical Processes
  • Anticorrosion protection of products for Transport and Warehousing
  • Quality Inspection of raw material and components (Incoming, WIP and Final Inspection)

ilu3 ANT

Specialized Analysis and Tests

Specialized analysis for identifing chemical and physical issues in production processes:

  • Root cause analysis for chemicals and physicals.
  • Chemical analysis of products, devices and risk chemicals
  • Enviromental analysis of full spectrum of chemicals in the plant